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Her sole objective is to make you SELL MORE

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Manage all your orders in one place

Don't waste time designing your shopping cart or checkout page. With Yala, your customers will be able to choose products and pay for everything from WhatsApp.

Facilitate the buying process and increase conversions!

Talk to your customers in one place

Don't miss sales opportunities by having different means of communication. All your conversations in a single WhatsApp number with Yala.

Every conversation makes your CRM more powerful and effective

With each conversation we identify the consumption habits of each consumer. With the data we project commercial actions to sell more.

Accepts all means of payment

Don't lose sales because your customers prefer to pay with credit cards, virtual wallets (Yape), agencies and warehouses, bank transfers, mobile banking and all the others.

Sells 24/7 non-stop

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Artificial intelligence

Better shopping experience

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  • Unlimited users
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  • Unlimited conversations
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  • Sales management system
  • Customer Management System (CRM)
  • Sales analysis and reporting
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Frequently Asked Questions


How does Yala improve my customers' shopping experience?

Yala uses artificial intelligence to interact in a natural and personalized way with each customer. It learns from their preferences, answers specific questions about products and services, and efficiently guides them through the buying process, ensuring a satisfying and streamlined experience. Have more questions? Talk to Sofia, our sales AI.


Is it complicated to integrate Yala into my business?

No, Yala's integration is simple. Our team will assist you step by step in the process, which is done quickly and without interrupting your business operations. In addition, Sofia easily adapts to the dynamics of your business. Do you have more questions? Talk to Sofia, our sales AI.


How long does it take to integrate Yala?

Yala's integration is quick and easy, you can start accelerating your sales within 24 hours. Have more questions? Talk to Sofia, our sales AI.


What kind of companies can benefit from Yala?

Yala is designed for any business looking to improve their online sales process and generate more sales. From startups to large corporations but businesses with high demand and user traffic, such as restaurants, consumer packaged goods (CPG) stores, influencers, healthcare and brands with a strong social media presence, find Yala an optimal solution. Yala helps to effectively manage and convert that volume of interactions into actual sales. Do you have more questions? Talk to Sofia, our sales AI.


How does Yala handle multiple conversations at once?

Thanks to its advanced AI, Sofia can handle countless conversations simultaneously, maintaining individual context and providing consistent, personalized responses to each customer, resulting in unprecedented efficiency gains. Got more questions? Chat with Sofia, our sales AI.


What if a customer needs to talk to a human?

While Yala's artificial intelligence is capable of handling a wide range of interactions, in cases where required, it can escalate the conversation to a human representative of your team to ensure proper attention and resolve specific situations. Have more questions? Talk to Sofia, our sales AI.

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